10 Signs That He Is Not The Love Of Your Life

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When you find the love of your life, you should not let go, because being with someone who makes you feel good in all aspects is quite complicated. Sometimes we think we have everything with a person, we idealize her, we consider that our relationship with her is ideal and that we could not find someone more perfect for us than her, but little by little, we realize if love will last or is about a simple fantasy of infatuation that our mind played with.

Relationships seem happy from the inside, but sometimes we need an outside opinion to realize that our fanaticism towards the other person may not be reciprocal and may not be quite right. We do not know what the love of our lives should be like because we are born without him, we do not have any expectations or a definite plan to find him.

Probably the formula to find true love is to follow the advice of Antoine de Saint Exupéry: “Love should not be confused with the delusion of possession that leads to the worst suffering. Because, contrary to popular belief, love never hurts. The instinct of ownership, which is the opposite of love, is what makes you suffer. I know well how to recognize someone who truly loves, it is that they cannot be damaged… “

Here are some signs to help you realize that he is not the love of your life:

Never has details

A message, chocolate, or just a good morning in the morning can make those moments make you love him a little more. Sometimes the details run out, but if that doesn’t happen, it’s a good sign that that person is the love of your life.

He never listens to you

Communication is extremely important in a relationship and sometimes we need advice from what we believe is the most important person in our lives. But when we realize that you pay more attention to television or people passing by, it is a sign that we are not with the right person and that sooner or later that relationship will collapse.

They do not have similar objectives

Imagining a future together is basic when the years have passed and the relationship becomes more intense, but sometimes those plans do not exist. Each one has objectives completely alien and separate from the other. Whether they have not even thought about it or evade the subject, knowing that our partner wants to make a future with us gives us certainty and we know that we can manage to continue with the next step, towards something more formal.

Does not share your ideas

Whether out of fear of an argument or simply because you don’t like it, not sharing ideas makes the relationship not progress as it should. Normally it is you who puts more impetus to achieve a fluent conversation and you teach him, you make him learn with each thing that says something about the world and something about you, but if most of the time it is not reciprocal, maybe you should rethink your relationship.

He doesn’t want you to grow up

Support for projects that most seem absurd seems difficult, but if your partner trusts in your abilities and believes in you, they will always be there to overcome the obstacles that seem impossible but that you plan to achieve at any cost. Whether it is a trip that will last months or applying for a better job, you should always have the support of your loved one, and if not, it is not your loved one.

Chemistry no longer exists

Maybe you are with that person for the wrong reasons, but if at the time of dancing or simply holding hands you stumble and do not know what to do, they have been together for more than a few months, there is a possibility that they simply are not one for each other. Remember that this aspect is important because it speaks more than it seems; your body, your pheromones, genes, and sexual attraction all play to make you have the best possible offspring.

It lies to you with great details and also small ones

An essential ingredient for a relationship is trust and if you know that your partner lied to you, even if it is minimal, it involves rethinking the relationship. Perhaps it is not great detail, but you start with something and it is always necessary to have the security of being with the right person. When there are lies there is no way to remedy the damage that has been done.

There are uncomfortable silences

Staying quiet with a person for more than two minutes and that there is no discomfort, is the best way to realize that you are with the love of your life. It is an infallible test because you feel so fulfilled with someone that there is no way to break that feeling of pleasure. If, on the other hand, you look for any excuse to talk and you feel like he sees you every time you remain silent, you should not try so hard to let everything flow.

Be yourself so that he does not get angry

In a relationship, the most important thing is to be yourself, and if you have to pretend to be someone else to make your partner happy, your relationship may not end in a story that lasts forever. Perhaps this point is the most crucial because imagine that your relationship lasts many more years and you must always feel incomplete, rigid, without really expressing yourself as you want.

You too idealize the past

If you live remembering the beautiful moments they lived, it is because perhaps now there is no longer the same energy and desire to do things, perhaps the relationship has grown too cold and you should change your scene because remember that you are in the present and you should never think of the past as something better than what you live now.

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