A True Teenage Love Story

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This story was set in the romantic city of New York when evening fell; At a high school, they saw each other, and it was where Anna and Mark met. Two names that perhaps never met

Tales of love. Stories.
It all began at Anna’s descent, there at the end of the stairs was young Mark, a young boy who, without being very handsome, could not go beyond being perceived; With his dark complexion, deeply innocent eyes, and great gallantry, he saw Anna as a girl who never stood out. Tall enough, fair complexion, firm in walking, blue eyes, and brown hair.

It can be said that when they met, it would be something that the two of them will always remember. Then he commissioned a friend to deliver certain messages to young Anna, of his fleeting attraction to her. The shy young man was limited only to thinking that he would never notice her, much less the young and popular young man, as Mark was.

I remember it was a weekday, when he sent her a note; and in which he invited her to take a walk through the canals of New York when she received her she was filled with emotion to know that for the first time she was reciprocated, by a boy. Of course, she accepted it.

He was to pick her up on a bridge that was close to one of the old courts in the city; done so the moment Anna saw Mark approaching, her heart began to leap with so much emotion. When he finally arrived, he said: (M).- You look especially attractive today, Anna … And with those words, she blushed.

When she finally answered: With a kiss on the cheek, and she said: (A).- I thought you wouldn’t come, already …

And he replied: (M) .- How do you think it is a game on my part, to have invited you?

She a little confused answered.

(A) No !, but we have only seen each other once.- (smile).

(M) .- That was enough for me, to know that you are beautiful and that I am in love with you!

(A) .- She was silent with this answer, and hesitatingly satisfied her: I like you a lot too!

(M) .- I know that it must seem somewhat hasty, but you have something that fascinates me. And you inspire me with that feeling that I just confessed to you, my beautiful lady …

(A) .- Totally confused, she proposed.- What do you think if we walk across the bridge?

And he answered: (M).- It will be an honor to walk with you my beloved Anna …

And so they did, they walked across the long bridge and they looked at each other and I couldn’t stop doing it; When they reached the end of the bridge, he suggested: Take a ride on a gondola. Already in it, when the boat moved slowly it slid through those waters flooded with love, he took her hand and said: – I am in love with you Anna. That afternoon it seems that the sunset reappeared and very soon ended.

The next day, when they met at school at the break, searching with their big eyes, he was looking for Anna among his friends and all the other boys who were around him at the time.

After a while and since everything had worked out between them, they decided to be boyfriends; thus they passed very well for several weeks.

So very soon the school year ended, and Anna had been withdrawn a week earlier for a trip his father had to make. This logically separated them for all the vacations; since they could not communicate. Then Mark also traveled to London, all that time was a real agony for the two young lovers.

Come the following year, on the first day of school, Anna did not go to school because she had the flu, but on the fourth day, when she enters the classroom, she sits in the first seat of the column in the center of the room, with an old companion, and she whispers to Anna that Mark is in the living room. She quickly turns to locate where he was sitting and indeed he is sitting leaning against the wall and looking at Anna, she feels very nervous, but deep down in her heart she jumped with joy to see that he was so close to her. But it was not like that, due to an enmity that Mark had with a colleague, and she decided to change to another course since things with Anna had also cooled down since during all the holidays they had practically not seen or spoken.

Everything happened like this, and from that moment Anna began to realize that her love was losing him little by little, and the most painful thing for her was knowing that maybe she was the culprit that all this was happening, Anna thought that because they were so young the two were taking everything only as a simple teenage game.

But she kept hoping that everything would be solved between them, and it was that they saw little, and when they were together they hardly spoke, and she felt that Mark was no longer the same. All this started to get worse, when Anna saw Mark with another girl, and the comments of other friends in which they said that this other girl was interested in Mark, knowing all this hurt Anna a lot.

That girl looked for a way to get closer and closer to Mark, and therefore very soon they were seen together. But this was the beginning of the great suffering that awaited the unfortunate Anna.

The changes that Anna began to experience were very drastic since she was not even feeding well, she just wanted to be in her locked room crying, and very soon her parents realized that something was not right with the young woman, they also tried to approach her, but it was impossible for her to confide in such immense pain that she was going through.

In addition to Anna, she had to be teased at school by everyone who knew of the deception, and the sudden contempt on the part of Mark and is that she only thought that he never really loved her, as he told her, and she wondered where there was so much love that he swore to her, how she could change in such a short time and because she did nothing to prevent Anna from going through all this, she found it hard to believe that it had all been Accept which you love the lie from an immature and cruel young guy. Before the entirety that took place, the coup de grace got here and a friend of Anna went to talk to Mark and little much less than pressured him to move to speak her friend who was obviously suffering, then he agrees to do it and goes to make everything clear with Anna, knowing that with all this he was going to destroy the girl’s true feelings.

Every step as it had to happen, they got together to talk, and every word that came out of Mark’s lips was a knife that he stabbed in the chest of the long-suffering lover.

Willing to resign herself to the fact that she had lost, Anna, and with her face bathed in tears, she replied to Mark!: Don’t worry, that they hadn’t worked and that I was free to do whatever he decided.

Very early on in the year passed and in the final exams Mark, she was repeating the course, and Anna finished school, of course, all this would separate them much more. And nearly without a wish, a light appeared and it became that Mark, someday methods her and says: What if she forgives him for having brought on her so much pain, and that everything that he confessed that afternoon was not a lie And that he will always occupy a special place in her heart? – After this Anna no longer knew whether to continue waiting for him or if she would definitely forget that she ever knew him.

But life did not smile on young Mark, as many rumors revolved around her, that she was no longer the same right boy and had become an absent and misaligned person, and of course very relaxed in studies.

The following year it was very little that Anna noticed Mark considering that she belonged neither to the faculty nor to the life of him; Since all of this had brought on her a lot of pain, she preferred the distance between them. But all this mattered little to Mark because her life had taken a course that she did not realize was wrong.

Years passed for these two young people, and each one of them took a different course since she left the city and he remained finishing his studies.

They were exactly five years that elapsed in which they did not see or hear from the other.

Anna was working in another place, and suddenly she remembers him without further ado; As she no longer knew anything about him, she decided to look for him in the telephone directory, due to the little that she remembered the name of that man who had caused her so much damage, without ever having a real explanation. The results were good and she managed to locate her phone number, when she decides to call, her mother answers, says to the confused Anna: I’ll tell you right away.

At this moment so many memories returned to the mind of the young woman that she was about to hang up, but she did not, after a while when Mark answered, it was as if all this time had not passed and all the beautiful memories of that love that they lived; The conversation was somewhat disconcerting, since Mark did not remember her and even confused her with another person, after a while he recognized her, and in fact, he was surprised because he never imagined that she would remember him, much less that she had forgiven him for everything he did to her, they finally agreed to get together to talk.

When the moment came for them to meet, each one was very changed, but they realized that time had not passed in vain and that in truth a true love existed and existed between them. He apologized for the mistakes he had made in the past, and then they understood each other.

This true love story ends at this moment when they both realized that they were made for each other, and after 10 years they continue to love and respect each other.

Today they have a child, with plans to have many more, and they live together, sharing life and trying to never again allow problems and adversity to separate them, it is difficult, to grow, mature, and learn to forgive, because when true love exists, it is he, who will always triumph. End

(M) .- Mark.
(A) .- Anna.

PS: Let’s never let true love go, because it may be for life.

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