Reasons why, breaking your heart is the best thing that can happen to you

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When your heart is broken, without a doubt, it is one of the hardest moments in life and you even consider it impossible to stop crying all the time. You still do not know how you continue to do your daily activities and you wonder at every moment what whoever was the most important person in your life will do. Suddenly you realize that your life was conditioned by his messages, his calls, the most interesting stories he could tell you, and sleeping close to him snuggled most nights.

Broken hearts love better for collective culture

All the time you live missing their aroma and their kisses, the ideal of their relationship that your thoughts focus on because surely you have forgotten everything else, how bad they lived. Then, you understand that life stopped being what you planned it to be, the future you envisioned is over and, as hard as it sounds, that person who broke your heart now no longer exists … it is as if, somehow tragic, you will stop seeing her forever.

Meet broken heart

You still dream of reconciliation and the magical moments that will come, but, accept it, nobody knows what will happen in the future and in the present it is not there; However, despite everything you think, there is something you should never forget: a love breakup is one of the best things that can happen to you and we tell you why.

Without hesitation, you loved that person with all your heart and you should be grateful to know what it feels like

It may sound cliché, but it is one of the truest premises when you are done with a person. It’s gone and maybe it’s all over, but remember that you have felt what many people only imagine from afar: love with all the intensity in the world and give everything for someone until you have nothing for yourself. If you felt that, we know ending up hurts, but it’s one of the best gifts you could have.

You recognize who your proper friends are

You know who will be with you through thick and thin and who will not. That simple Some will leave when they see your bad mood, but those do not matter, the ones that really matter are those who, despite everything, are there to comfort you, make you strong, and even scold you.

Time to find true love

Maybe that person you were with was simply not the one to spend the rest of your life, now you have the opportunity to find the right one and not live all the time martyred while you wait for your partner to change or love you more than you do. wants.

Everything you learned from that relationship will stay forever

Sometimes we just focus on how idiotic our ex could have been for abandoning us, but we don’t realize the many things he taught us when we were with him or her. If we love him so much, it must be for something and the worst thing you can do is try to forget everything you lived with him because those years were not wasted, you learned hundreds of things that no one else could have shown you.

Now you will be braver

After a breakup, most of the time we just want to forget what it feels like to love and we consider that we can never feel it with the same intensity. We are afraid to meet someone and give our hearts to them like that fateful occasion when our hearts were suddenly broken, but face it, you will not be alone all your life, and giving your heart to someone is a sign of courage and growth.

You will have time to meet yourself

What do you like to do that you couldn’t when you were in a relationship? What did you stop doing when your ex showed up? If a little thought was not enough to think of something truly exciting, it is time for you to discover more interests that can fill your life. Because now you are the boss in your life and you don’t have to be accountable to anyone.

You will meet many more people

Ending a relationship is never synonymous with being alone. So this is the ideal time to go out and meet more people, perhaps not to establish a relationship, but for the simple pleasure of meeting them. And who knows … you might find your true love.

We know, believing it is extremely complicated but without a doubt, it can be overcome, here are 6 steps to fall out of love with someone.

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