Signs that they never loved you, but never wanted to notice

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Read the signs and finally realize that maybe she never loved you.

The moment comes when you feel completely in love, that you are willing to die for the other person and give your essence for your partner. You count the hours to see her directly in the eyes, to tell her how much you love her, and thus, finally, have the longed-for moment of fulfillment that you always expect.

You date that person somewhere because of course, most of the time it is you who decides to call to meet. But soon disappointment precedes your euphoria. The “I love you” that you had planned for days, even weeks, loses meaning when you see his clear disinterest. You don’t feel like it’s reciprocal. You know, by way of hunch and intuition, that your partner does not have the same feelings towards you. But you still take a chance.

You shout those two words at him and without knowing what to do, how to act, he responds quickly with a forced “I love you”. You are happy … something was missing, but no one is so clumsy as to lie about their feelings, at least that’s what you think at the time.

He has never really known what love is and you were the victim of that common lie that couples tell each other without knowing everything it entails and means. In fact, you still love who was the love of your life but for that person, you have made it easier to say goodbye when you raised it. Now, who was your complement lives happily and you believe in the possibility of returning with him.

Read the signs and finally realize that maybe he never loved you.

  • Things were always better when they were surrounded by their friends

Because privacy was not enough for them to have fun and have a good time. It was always better to have someone else in the meeting and they tried to meet more friends to, now, enjoy a meeting and make it enjoyable.

  • When you were trying to fix a problem, it was impossible for him to accept his mistakes

Or it just minimized them. A “not so bad” or “you are exaggerating” was enough to disarm all your arguments. Winning the argument was more important to your partner than fixing the real problem, and over time, the fights were more constant and without a clear solution.

  • She made you wait more than an hour for her arrival

Repeatedly and without an apology upon arrival, it was not important to your partner to keep you waiting for hours, perhaps because he knew you would be there no matter how long he was late. If he also canceled the appointment after long minutes of waiting, it seems that this love was just an illusion.

Hoping they never loved you

  • I was looking for an ideal of perfection and I did everything to make you change your way of being

Your presence, your aroma, your tastes, interests, hobbies, and conversations were not enough. I always wanted you to be someone else, someone you couldn’t be no matter how hard you tried. He wanted a more intrepid partner, more orderly, smarter, more cultured … even with less weight, more height, or get rid of that nose that made him desperate.

  • I used to buy you things that you really didn’t even like

He never learned about your tastes or interests, perhaps he was not interested in doing so. Instead, he bought you gifts that were meant to be liked more by that person than you. If this was not the case, there was the slightest pleasure in pleasing you with a present, I just wanted to get out of the way and fulfill the “commitment” that meant giving you something on a special date.

The gift they never loved you

  • Their interests were similar but the future seemed distant

Today’s plans, the constant parties, and even the common tastes they had seemed to fill all the difficulties, however, looking at him from a distance and with perspective, you can see that the future by his side was not possible. The goals, travel, and dreams they shared seemed like two parallel lines that never crossed.

Interests never loved you

  • On more than one occasion he let you know that their relationship would not be forever

Because maybe he was looking for other things or you were just not the ideal partner he saw himself having children with and shaping a future. It is valid and acceptable, but this indicator should have told you that the love I felt for you and the one you felt for your partner was not equivalent.

Details never loved you

  • Being by his side did not make you feel good about yourself

Probably most of the times, yes, and you even considered it possible to stay with your partner for life, but there were also the bad days when you felt that he did not love you enough when you wanted a hug and your partner only had a pat on the back or simply when you were looking for a friendly chat and you found the greatest indifference and coldness.

The perfection they never loved you

  • Did not share personal and intimate details

All banal things were arranged. You knew, of course, his birthday, the names of his brothers, and even how he brushed his teeth, but the deepest part remained hidden as if it were an iceberg: it only revealed the surface.

  • I didn’t trust you

He asked everything, every detail of your routine, checking your phone and you his was part of the weekly plan. If you were hanging out with friends, she needed you to report your location every hour and she would get jealous of anyone around you.

They never loved you

  • Your friends and family didn’t know much about you

Just as you didn’t know much about your partner, the barrier he had created between you and his family was obvious. In the same way, you seemed a strange person to those who saw you for the first time, as if there had been no previous conversation about you and you arrived as an outsider in unknown territory.

  • The conversations were forced

Uncomfortable silences were a constant and they preferred to do other things before engaging in deep conversation. It wasn’t intentional, but avoiding conversations and engaging in other activities became routine in their relationship… or maybe just at the end.

Conversations never loved you

No longer destroy yourself thinking about what could have happened. Maybe you and this person weren’t meant to be together. If you want to check it, you can read “10 signs that indicate that he is not the love of your life” and then, overcome it, because “Getting your heart broken is the best thing that can happen to you.”

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